Blog Laryngitis

16 Aug


I have Blog Laryngitis. What, you ask is that? Why, thank you for asking. Let me explain.

Two months ago, I became a writer. I published my first novel, a Regency romance. After decades of dreaming about being an author, I actually became one. Amazing.

But, then I discovered that writing the book was the easy part. What came after was promoting the book. The word marketing has too many letters. To me, it’s a four letter word. It is very time consuming and overwhelming. So, I joined forums and groups and chatted and twittered about the twists and turns of book promotion to other authors. And I learned some things. One thing I learned, was that writers need to have a blog. I was hesitant, even resistant, but finally I started a blog. This blog.

And then I discovered something else. As an author, I have a voice; a way of expressing myself in writing that is unique to me, but as a blogger…not so much. I have no voice. I have things to say. I know I do, but as I contemplate the vast number of blogs out there and the overload of information in cyberspace, I am mute. I have blogger laryngitis.

I need your help. What should I blog about? Can you help me? I am interested in a lot of things, however, what would you like to hear about. What kind of information, tidbits of trivia or random thoughts are YOU interested in reading?

Here are some ideas:

1. Regency History

2. Regency trivia

3. Books I have read

4. My writing/publishing journey

5 ____________________ Fill in the blank

You may read this and think: I don’t really care or that’s all we need is another blog floating out there on the cloud! You can express that opinion as well. I have wrestled with this by myself for a while, but me, being me, thought I’d throw it out there to the wonderful readers and authors and anyone else who cares to weigh in.

So, does anyone have a remedy for me? A literary elixir to cure my Blog Laryngitis? I’d appreciate your advice to help me find my voice!

4 Responses to “Blog Laryngitis”

  1. AnMarie Doherty (@anmarie63) August 16, 2013 at 6:58 pm #

    Hello Claudia,
    First thanks for the invite :~>
    Well, interesting dilemma, I mean you did just write a whole book! However the twitter author community is quite wise! I follow many of them and have immense respect for them. And they are probably correct.
    So what to write, when, how, laryngitis??? I think you should do all 5 of your ideas in the blog. Variety is after all…..
    People who read and share your blog will come for the book and its ideas, and stay for you.
    So 1 & 2 together is one blog post per whatever interval you decide, week month, etc.
    Then one with books you read, have read. Those blog posts will bring others to you, including authors.
    Your journey will interest readers, authors and women, so another blog post!
    And the last can be a query to your twitter followers every quarter or so. element of surprise and all.
    Now about the laryngitis ~~~ Nike says just do it, I say all in good time. But as with writing your book, you made time to write, blogging is the same. like a job, make time. You have plenty of content ideas and if you use twitter plenty to say. ;~> Also check out my twitter friend @seumasgallacher . He tweets about and writes books on blogging.
    Now the question is why don’t I have a blog since i never shut up? Good question, LOL
    Good Luck, Ann

    • claudiaharbaugh August 16, 2013 at 7:30 pm #

      I love it Ann! You should definitely write a blog! Very good advice. Perhaps I should just let it evolve…hmmmm. I’ll check out your friend’s blog, too. Thanks and thanks for the great Tweeting backup!

  2. Rhapsodie August 16, 2013 at 9:44 pm #


    Personally I’ve found people are more interested when I talk about what they want to hear than what I want to share.

    So if you’re interested in readers and having true writer expression, do what you did with this blog.
    Ask for help, advice, information, and take the comments shared to make up your new posts. The answers will relate to what others care about and will give you a chance to share your voice without fighting for a subject to speak about.

    Or you can do what I’ve done, which is only post when I think my words are wonderful. It’s sometimes good and sometimes very bad.

    May you find success because you try.


    • claudiaharbaugh August 16, 2013 at 9:51 pm #

      Thanks, Rhapsodie. I definitely don’t want to blog just for the sake of having a blog, however if I waited for my words to be wonderful, it would never happen : D . I do like your idea. Sort of a reverse advise column…hmmm… that’s got my mind racing. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement. I’ll be checking out your blog, so write something pithy. ; p Claudia

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