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Blog Laryngitis

16 Aug


I have Blog Laryngitis. What, you ask is that? Why, thank you for asking. Let me explain.

Two months ago, I became a writer. I published my first novel, a Regency romance. After decades of dreaming about being an author, I actually became one. Amazing.

But, then I discovered that writing the book was the easy part. What came after was promoting the book. The word marketing has too many letters. To me, it’s a four letter word. It is very time consuming and overwhelming. So, I joined forums and groups and chatted and twittered about the twists and turns of book promotion to other authors. And I learned some things. One thing I learned, was that writers need to have a blog. I was hesitant, even resistant, but finally I started a blog. This blog.

And then I discovered something else. As an author, I have a voice; a way of expressing myself in writing that is unique to me, but as a blogger…not so much. I have no voice. I have things to say. I know I do, but as I contemplate the vast number of blogs out there and the overload of information in cyberspace, I am mute. I have blogger laryngitis.

I need your help. What should I blog about? Can you help me? I am interested in a lot of things, however, what would you like to hear about. What kind of information, tidbits of trivia or random thoughts are YOU interested in reading?

Here are some ideas:

1. Regency History

2. Regency trivia

3. Books I have read

4. My writing/publishing journey

5 ____________________ Fill in the blank

You may read this and think: I don’t really care or that’s all we need is another blog floating out there on the cloud! You can express that opinion as well. I have wrestled with this by myself for a while, but me, being me, thought I’d throw it out there to the wonderful readers and authors and anyone else who cares to weigh in.

So, does anyone have a remedy for me? A literary elixir to cure my Blog Laryngitis? I’d appreciate your advice to help me find my voice!